Why Our Program Works For You:

  • clinic-photo1Availability.  Our doctors make time for their patients – same day or next day appointments are available.
  • Program flexibility.  We recognize our patients as individuals. Our program does not have complicated requirements – and does not force a “one size fits all” model. We work with you to identify the easiest and most effective path to recovery.
  • Compassion.  You’re not alone. Our program helps dozens of patients take steps towards recovery each month. We recognize what you’re going through – and we know how to help.
  • No Judgments.  No Blame.  We just help you recover.


About Our Practice:

Our practice is led by Dr. Nosson Goldfarb MD – one of Cleveland’s top rated integrative medicine doctors. Dr. Goldfarb has combined his experience at the Cleveland Clinic with years of his own research on some of the best methods available in holistic medicine.

Our practice is warm and comfortable – our doctors take the time to approach each person as an individual. We believe that patients need compassion and a listening ear. Taking into account each patient’s unique circumstances enables us to create a plan that is not only effective and affordable but also fits into each person’s lifestyle. By creating a healing environment and through education, we empower our patients to journey forward in their pursuit of optimal wellness and recovery from addiction.

Our Clinic is located at: 6001 Cochran Rd., Suite 404, Solon, OH 44139

We can be reached by telephone at: 440-809-8538

How Suboxone® Works:

Suboxone® is an FDA approved medication used in the treatment of opiate addiction. Suboxone® comes in the form of a sublingual film and includes two ingredients, buprenorphine and naloxone in a 4:1 ratio.

Buprenorphine is a partial-agonist which only has a limited opioid effect. Buprenorphine competes with the full-agonist opioids (such as morphine and heroin) for the opioid receptor. Buprenorphine has an exceptionally strong binding ability which displaces existing opioids and prevents others from attaching to the receptor.

This is important because treatment will eliminate craving and withdrawal allowing you to think and function normally. Treatment can also provide adequate pain relief for patients who need it.

Other medication options also exist such as Bunavail, Zubsolv and Vivitrol. Our highly trained doctors will help you choose the right course of treatment for you.